The Speziale liquors

Dr. Andreis di Carrù prepared with his plants and spices in vinous solution his Tincture Sacra Rhubarb, following the Medicaments of the time and German pharmaceutical formulas to obtain from the bitter notes of the plants used beneficial vermifugal effects, tonic and digestive aperitifs

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Speziale teas

The Fat Ox Fair has ancient origins, since 1473 two-weekly cattle markets were held in Carrù. The decree of 1635 confirms to the Duke Amedeo I the concession to the community to hold an annual fair. In 1910 the first, with exposure of oxen, award ceremony and parade of the Piedmontese breed heads with hand-embroidered and hand-painted gualdrappe, with qualification since 1985 of regional fair. In the restaurants, from the early morning, you can taste the typical local dishes, such as boiled with sauces and tripe soup, cups of broth and glasses of Dolcetto, as the customs of the time.

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Dermocosmesi Calendula

Along with a passion for pharmaceutical art, love and respect for nature, we enthusiastically dedicate our time to customers with professionalism, attention, competence and friendliness. From the desire to have a high quality natural line in the pharmacy, the Calendula natural dermocosmetic line was born, a line of treatments for the face and body. The active ingredients contained in the Calendula extract are traditionally known for their soothing, protective and soothing properties on the skin. Respect your skin, discover our Calendula line.
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Biological Line - The Prodigious

From the ancient pharmaceutical tradition the 4 prodigious remedies for the well-being of the whole body. The line comes from the rediscovery of some ancient knowledge, from the history of ancient pharmacies and their valid remedies, such as the famous balsam of Jerusalem based on Olibano, Lentisco, Aloe and Mirra, which cured many diseases. Responding perfectly to the new needs of current lifestyles and respecting the ancient tradition in the four products of the line are the 4 original ingredients enriched with natural extracts that complement and improve the composition. INCENSE or Olibano (Boswelia specie) LENTISCO (Pistacia lenticus) ALOE (Aloe species) MIRRA (Commiphora species)
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Tradition Line

The digestive, laxative or purgative action varies depending on the amount used. The Speziale recommends a use in small doses, with the possibility of dampening the intense bitter taste in hot water, "it is said that the elderly in the country used it really". .

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Health Line

Continuing in the wake of a consolidated tradition, the team of pharmacy, composed of only pharmacists, with enthusiasm and passion dedicates its time to customers, advising them with attention and professionalism, competence and friendliness. Thinking of a high quality line, responding to the needs of those who seek attention to the natural, the combination of pharmaceutical art and phytotherapeutic actives was born. Discover our remedies of the HEALTH LINE Speziale.
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Home Line

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