“Historical pharmacy, where to find the Speziale tisane, born from the passion of Dr. Andreis who, at the beginning of the 0th century, received awards and recognition for his ability to mix herbs and spices in order to create infusions and infusions useful for the wellbeing of the body and of the mind. Try the Enoleo digestive liqueurs and Speziale Spirit.”

THE GOLOSARIO - 2015/2016

“Dr. Mario Andreis, the last nineteenth century scion of a pharmaceutical inasti with roots in the eighteenth century, bought in 96 in Carrù the pharmacy and grocer of dr. Giuseppe Bonardi, beginning the twentieth century history of the Andreis pharmacy. Thanks to pharmaceutical and medicinal knowledge, he began making elixirs and preparations that made him worthy of recognition throughout Europe as the Grand Prix Diploma with a gold medal received in 905 at the Crystal Palace in Hyde Park in London. The writings and formulas pinned on the old notebooks of Dr. Mario are at the base of the products now relaunched by the heirs, still pharmacists in Carrù. L Enoleo is a liqueur with a pleasantly bitter taste prepared with spices and plants in a wine solution, among which rhubarb stands out, according to a recipe similar to that developed by Dr. Andreis following the Medicamenta del tempo. With its tonic and digestive characteristics, it can be enjoyed after a meal or, cold, as an aperitif to be served with chocolate. From the aromatic notes also the Spirit Speziale, a digestive liqueur, flanked by a range of Speziale teas, each with a different property (diuretic, digestive, relaxing).”

THE GOLOSARIO - 2017/2018