Speziale teas

Dr. Mario Andreis of Carrù set up teas and infusions by mixing herbs, parts of plants and spices to give wellness to the body and mind. From the desire to pay tribute to the traditions, both of the territory and of the pharmaceutical art, with the intention of keeping them alive over time, the Spezial tisanes are born.

Accompanied by a brief history, curiosity, popular culture and traditions Carruccesi, each through its own “It is said that ..” Speech tisane tell the intertwining of pharmaceutical art and traditions, cultural heritage and history, emotions related to Carrù .

Characterized by a strong link with the territory the Speziale teas, proposed in the digestive, draining and relaxing version, recount, through warm and beneficial notes, Carrù and its Fat Ox Fair, Carrù and its Grape Festival, Carrù and his Castle.

Our herbal teas are all to be discovered and savored, we wish you a good tasting by welcoming you in our world “from (v) vera speziale”!